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This page is part of an ECA archive on FTL. For more recent content, visit our campaign page on Pilot Fatigue.

Safety: a Passenger Right

The 1st and most fundamental right of every airline passenger it to have a safe flight.

When boarding a European airplane, passengers must be able to trust in the European legislator that they are protected by adequate safety legislation that does not ignore scientific evidence.

If there is evidence shows that current and proposed future EU safety legislation is not set at the highest, scientifically supported levels, passengers have the right to get this legislation changed.

Passengers have the right to expect that EU decision-makers put their safety before the commercial interest of the airlines. Safety must come first – always!

Pilots' Position

Representing over 38.000 professional airline pilots from 37 European countries, ECA has been a long-standing supporter of harmonised FTL rules across the EU. Harmonisation at the highest, scientifically derived safety level is required to keep European aviation safe, to protect passengers, and to help create an EU-wide level playing field.

As the need for changes to Europe’s FTL rules has been scientifically demonstrated – and has been reconfirmed by several expert reports between 2009-2013 – ECA insists that the EU’s current FTL rules are replaced by safe, science-based fatigue prevention rules.

EASA’s 3 proposals – the NPA, CRD and final Opinion – are not a credible basis for such rules. The Opinion, issued on 1 Oct. 2012, disregards decades of scientific evidence, including several studies commissioned by EASA itself, and is contrary to the precautionary principle. If not changed, the Opinion will reduce safety standards in many parts of Europe. (see ECA Press Release)

Therefore, the EASA Opinion must be substantially revised, be put on a solid medical and scientific basis, and aligned with the safety levels of existing state-of-the art FTL rules, best operational safety practices, and the precautionary principle.

America Acts on Pilot Fatigue

In December 2011, the US Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) published new US Flight Time Limitations rules, to replace its outdated regulations by a set of modern, science-based fatigue prevention rules. While the final rule contains a number of significant changes compared to the FAA’s initial proposal (“Notice of Proposed Rulemaking” - NPRM) of 2010, it largely keeps the balance of the NPRM, which was largely based on scientific evidence and best operational practice.

This move came after pilot fatigue was identified as a key factor that contributed to the Colgan Air crash near Buffalo, which killed 50 people on 12 Feb. 2009. Since 1990, pilot fatigue has been has been on the "Most Wanted List" of the US National Transport Safety Board (NTSB).

However, the publication of the new US rules was preceded by a fierce battle with the airline industry. Since the FAA had put its NPRM onn the table, in Sept. 2010, US operators strongly lobbied against stricter science-based rules, alleging that they would cost them billions of dollars. The FAA, however calculated that the cost to the airline industry would be around $297 million, while the (safety) benefits are estimated between $247-$470 million.

"There are special interests who are holding this rule up because it's not in their financial self-interest," NTSB Chairman Deborah Hersman said. "The American people expect safety to trump special interests, not the other way around." (quote from AP article)

Despite the FAA’s significantly lower cost calculations, US all-cargo operators succeeded in obtaining to be excluded from the new rules – despite the fact that pilots flying cargo planes are subject to the same physiological and body-clock constraints as pilots flying passenger planes.

However, the US political establishment resisted the pressure from other parts of the industry (e.g. charter operators), and instead backed the FAA in its defence of a comprehensive set of science-based rules. These rules will apply – as of Dec. 2013 – to all commercial passenger operations, which represents the very large majority of US operations.


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What The Media Say

TV reports on Pilot Fatigue



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(12 September 2012)

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ECA rechaza la normativa sobre la fatiga en Luxemburgo - Aviaciondigit@l (16 de junio 2011)

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Martínez de Velasco: “Es curioso que Iberia sancione a los pilotos por cumplir la ley” de Carmen Porras, La Gaceta (11 de mayo)



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Till: Infrastrukturminister



Joka toinen ruotsalaislentäjä nukahtaa kesken lennon - (19 Lokakuu 2011)

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Novim propisima u EU nezadovoljni i piloti u Srbiji- Euractiv (02.10.2012)

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Novi pravilnik ugrožava bezbednost letenja i putnika? Blic (01.10.2012)


Below you will find all media coverage of the FTL issue, sorted by language.


***Special Compilation of the media coverage of ECA's Demonstration

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on 16 June 2011***

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