What is the issue?

According to the European Commission Social Dialogue refers to the discussions, consultations, negotiations and joint actions undertaken by the social partner organisations representing the two sides of industry. ECA participates in this dialogue since 1999 when the Association was recognised a representative "Social Partner" at EU level.

How is ECA involved?

ECA is an active member of the European Sectorial Social Dialogue Committee in Civil Aviation. In addition to ECA's participation in the Committee's Plenary and Steering Committee, we actively contribute to the Aircrew Working Group and the Just Culture Working group, while having an observer status in the ATM and Ground handling Working Groups. The main subjects currently dealt with are "Work Health Promotion," the follow up of EU legislation on the Social Security law applicable to air crew. ECA would also like to start dialogue on (i) outsourcing to temporary workers, independent and self-employed workers in air crew and (ii) a methodology for facilitating transnational collective labour agreements at company level.

Why is the issue important to ECA?

Social dialogue is a unique opportunity to develop legislation or joint activities in the area of working conditions made by industry for the industry. The social dialogue is based on the principles of mutual confidence, investment in people and social progress. One of the most well-known achievement of ECA in this domain is the "European Agreement on the Organisation of Working Time of Mobile Workers in Civil Aviation concluded by the Association of European Airlines (AEA), the European Transport Workers' Federation (ETF), the European Cockpit Association (ECA), the European Regions Airline Association (ERA) and the International Air Carrier Association (IACA)".

Who is responsible?
  • Executive Board Director: Jon Horne & Otjan de Bruijn
  • Staff members: Ignacio Plaza, Philip von Schöppenthau

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