EU Flight Time Limitations Survey - PARTICIPATE NOW!

Aircrew fatigue is a serious safety issue in Europe and beyond. This is why EASA and the EU Commission asked a research consortium to carry out a data-driven scientific study on EU/EASA FTL rules and their effectiveness to combat crew fatigue. This study will be kicked-off by a generic SURVEY – to be filled in by as many Commercial Air Transport pilots as possible.

This survey – supported by ECA – will allow the researchers to identify the most pressing 2 Fatigue Hotspots, out of a list of 6 key issues. The survey closes on 11 April, so your input is needed now.

To allow you to complete it within 10 minutes, we advise you to focus on the ESSENTIAL parts of the survey. This means:

  1. Fill in, as a priority, those questions that are MANDATORY (marked with a red asterix *).
  2. Early on, 6 key FTL issues will appear. Click all those issues that affect you in your daily operations.
  3. Do absolutely provide a RATING of the fatiguing impacts on the proposed 1-9 SCALEs.
  4. Provide your type of AIRLINE (at the survey’s beginning) and type of CONTRACT (end of survey).
  5. Reply to the more detailed ‘text box’ questions ONLY if you wish so & have time.


Thank you for your cooperation & please START NOW!


For more details on the study & related survey, see EASA/NLR letter.