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  • Direct and indefinite employment contracts should remain the general form of employment relationship between employers and workers. Abuse and illegal use of atypical employment create precariousness, reduce workers’ rights and downgrade their working conditions
  • Wet-lease must be monitored and controlled both by the authority of the country of the lessor and the country of the lessee. Compliance with labour law of the country where the wet-leased aircraft will be operated habitually must be verified including compliance with the posting of workers’ directive.
  • Pay to Fly (P2F) should be banned through EU-wide and/or national legislation. 
  • Labour inspections should prosecute airlines (EU-based airlines and foreign airlines checked through SAFA & during ramp inspection) performing these practices in the territory of the EU.
  • Aviation authorities should suspend operation certificates of airlines using P2F.
  • Labour inspections should prosecute any organisation recruiting pilots to fly under P2F conditions as necessary contributors to deeds of human trafficking. This includes flight schools that engage in or facilitate (directly or indirectly) such P2F schemes.
  • The determination of what is “temporary” in Temporary Agency Work is not codified in European legislation and differs amongst Member States. It is important to: restrict use as much as possible in safety regulations, clarify rules on the existing restrictions in different countries, and clarify rules on when aircrews are considered to be posted in a Member State other than the one in which they habitually work.
  • Regulations should introduce clear, harmonised restrictions on the use of fixed-term contracts. Both labour and aviation authorities should prevent, monitor and punish abuses. In addition, abuse of successive fixed-term contracts between the same employer and employee for the same work has to be prevented.EU law and, if not possible, national regulations should establish a refutable presumption of direct employment for mobile staff in civil aviation.
  • Around a dozen EU countries have banned zero-hours contracts (Zero-hours contracts are not allowed in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland and Spain). The whole EU should ban this type of contracts for mobile staff in civil aviation.