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Discoverability of topics and items

Quick, smart, sharable, intuitive: We’re proud to announce the complete redesign of our website

The information you need is available in an instant thanks to the improved search function. In addition, our brand new feature – campaign pages – collates every relevant & recent piece of information on specific issues of importance, such as pilot fatigue or atypical employment. For example, all data, background & recent news, ECA position papers, reference documents, videos, articles – everything you need to know is now easily accessible & neatly organized.

Position Papers & Publications are also getting a boost with an immediately available pdf download link on the homepage. This way you can save them for later (offline) reading. 

Engage with our content through highlights & quotes

Pages are now cleaner and provide for a better reading experience. At the same time, quotes & highlights will guide your attention and invite you to share our work with your peers. We will also not deprive you of the beauties that aviation photography produces. Images will illustrate extensively our content!

Last but not least, the new design makes the web page look good on all devices (desktops, tablets, and phones. And that was urgently needed since most of you are always on the road.

And for our member associations, we have a completely revamped “Crew Room”!  Discover it now!