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The European Cockpit Association (ECA) would like to express its most sincere condolences to the families and friends of those aboard the Germanwings flight 9525.

“On behalf of European pilots, I wish to express our deepest condolences to all victims of this enormous tragedy,” says ECA President Dirk Polloczek. “Our thoughts are with the passengers, my colleagues, the crew and their families and friends. In such difficult times, we could only share our sorrow and offer our most heartfelt sympathy.”

We are confident that a thorough investigation according to well established European and international procedures will allow us to understand what happened and make sure that such a disaster does not happen again.

“We are all deeply saddened by this tragic loss,” says Philip von Schöppenthau. “At this stage the search and rescue operation is still ongoing. There are still many open questions and all efforts should be now focussed on finding out what happened. We should allow the civil aviation experts to carry out their investigation without any pressure or speculations.”

Whilst the investigation is taking place, with the gathering, recording and analysis of all relevant information including statements from witnesses, there should be no disclosure of the accident's details, data or records, in order to avoid misinterpretation of the events that occurred, and early conclusions. ECA will continue to monitor the situation closely.

What a tragic day, not only for my company, but also for European aviation. Our thoughts go out to those, who lost their lives on #4U9525

— Dirk Polloczek (@polloczek) March 24, 2015

UK pilot family stands with #Germanwings colleagues in this tragic moment. Our thoughts are with the loved ones of passengers, pilots & crew

— BALPA (@BALPApilots) March 24, 2015

A falta de más información, SEPLA expresa sus condolencias a los familiares de los afectados por el accidente de un avión de Germanwings

— Sepla (@sepla_pilotos) March 24, 2015

Our thoughts are with the passengers, the crew of 4U9525 and all of their colleagues at @germanwings and @lufthansa.

— SNPL Air France ALPA (@snplafalpa) March 24, 2015

Vorstand u. Mitglieder der @vcockpit sind in Gedanken bei den Angehörigen und Freunden der Passagiere und Besatzungsmitglieder von #4U9525

— Vereinigung Cockpit (@vcockpit) March 24, 2015