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The WG was created in January 2006 to follow the (regulatory) developments in the area of aviation security in Europe and to enable ECA to produce and deliver, in a coordinated and timely manner, meaningful input and advice to the EU institutions, in particular the European Commission, in this highly technical and sensitive field. For more information on the aims and tasks of the WG, please read its Terms of reference.

Main issues

Professional pilots are the last line of defence when a security incident occurs, therefore they can contribute with their actions and ‘first-hand experience’ to high level of security both onboard the aircraft and within the wider security chain. This simple fact has been fully recognised by the EU institutions and ECA security experts have been therefore assisting the Commission in its regulatory and non-regulatory work in the field of aviation security through regular participation in many technical meetings. ECA, for example, is a member of the Stakeholders Advisory Group on Aviation Security (SAGAS) that advices the Commission on security-related matters. ECA also participates and provides expertise in the meetings of the NATO/Eurocontrol on ATM security and in a number of working groups of ECAC (see also Security expertise section – public website). Equally, ECA has recently engaged in a constructive dialogue with EASA in the framework of the Agency’s work and activities on cyber security.

Tomi Tervo
Michael Petry
Executive Board Director
Arik Zipser
Staff member
Kristína Gírethová
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