From “rigid” to “resilient” – helicopter pilots’ feedback needed!

How to make helicopter pilot training better? The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is seeking feedback from helicopter pilots on the current training system, as well as the envisaged changes to it, including the concept of the recurrent Evidence-Based Training.

Some say that the current system of training and checking includes often rigid and arbitrary manoeuvres to be performed under test conditions. As an alternative to this, EASA proposes competency based recurrent training. This would be designed to continually improve each pilot’s overall competency to deal with a range of threats posed by their specific operation. The ultimate aim is having an enhanced overall competency & better ability to manage situations, even the ones pilots have not yet experienced. Or in other words - building ‘resilience’. Do you find this useful? Have your say here!  (deadline: 31 March 2017)