Helicopter pilots, have your say

Helicopter pilots are invited to fill in the EASA survey on recurrent Evidence-Based Training (EBT). 

The aim of EBT is to enhance the overall safety of flight operations, by training pilots to proficiency on a recurrent basis in the management of situations and events that have been shown to be directly relevant to their operational environment. The current system of training and checking, includes rigid and often arbitrary manoeuvres to be performed under test conditions. As an alternative to this system, a system of competency based recurrent training is proposed, designed to continually improve each pilot’s overall competency to deal with a range of threats posed by their specific operation. The enhanced overall competency will in turn build each pilot’s ability to better manage situations that they have yet to experience, also known as building ‘resilience’.


This survey is an essential part of the process by which EASA will recognise the concept of recurrent Evidence-Based Training (EBT) for helicopter pilots.

This pilot survey gathers much needed evidence that is required to introduce the necessary amendments to the affected regulations. By completing this survey thoughtfully, you will make a significant contribution to the future safety of helicopter operations and make a positive change to the nature of future recurrent training.

2. Scope of the survey

The survey is addressed to helicopter pilots currently operating helicopters using a multi-pilot operating concept, this includes both multi-pilot certified helicopters and helicopter that are certified for single-pilot operation.

3. Confidentiality

Please note that all data will be treated with confidentiality. They will be aggregated in a report to avoid the possibility to recognise any entity or person who answered to the survey. Any information which will be used for the purpose of the report will be de–identified to ensure the confidentiality of the respondents.

Occasionally it may be helpful for the administrators running the survey to contact participants for clarification, and whilst not a condition of undertaking the survey, we should be grateful if you would enter a contact e-mail address by which you could be reached, without at any point being asked to identify yourself.

4. Next steps

The Agency will summarise your feedback and will use it to further assess and improve regulations regarding helicopter flight crew recurrent training. Upon completion of the task, a summary of survey results will be published on the EASA website.

5. Deadlines for submitting responses to the survey

Responses can be submitted by 31 March 2017. Any response submitted after the closure date of the survey may not be considered.