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The European Parliament is currently debating the Commission's proposal for an "Air Carrier Identity" Regulation. This Regulation would oblige Member States to publish a list of airlines banned from their airspace. It would also give passengers the right to know the identity of the airline that will actually transport them to their destination.

ECA welcomes this initiative as it will provide more transparency and rise the passenger's awareness about flight safety. Such an awareness is crucial, given the airlines' increasing practice of sub-contracting the actual operation of a flight to other carriers, as well as the increasing use of "wet-leasing" (i.e. hiring aircraft - including the crew - from a leasing company). Such practices mean that more and more often passengers are transported by another carrier than the one they bought the ticket from. ECA has often voiced its concerns about the safety implications of such practices.

While ECA considers this Regulation as welcome a first step into the right direction, it calls for strong and coordinated safety legislation - backed up by a strong, well funded safety agency (EASA) - as the best means to protect passengers and to increase flight safety.

See ECA position paper (PDF)