Loss of license insurance

The European Cockpit Association has gathered the information regarding Loss of License Insurance schemes from three providers: Professional Investment Consultants (PIC), The Spectrum IFA Group and Association de Prévoyance du Personnel Navigant (APPN). Below you will find an introduction to each offer. As ECA is not involved with any of these providers, please contact them directly for further information (see links below).


Aircrew care

Protecting yourself and your loved ones from the financial effects of a suspension of your pilot's license or being unable to fly because of an accident or an illness is important for peace of mind. We offer two comprehensive products to help you meet your financial obligations in such a case: loss of license insurance and pilot income protection.

Loss of license pilot insurance

Up to 400,000€/£400,000 permanent loss of license cover with full coverage for psychological illness and no exclusions for pre-existing conditions.

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Pilot income protection

Monthly income equivalent to 75% of salary for temporary total disability and a lump sum of up to 3 times annual salary - regardless of your ability to carry out any other occupation.

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Group insurancewe design group packages for airlines, unions, groups of pilots, associations etc.



Aircrew undergo many years of hard work at substantial expense to attain their aviation license. However, a commercial pilot’s career and income are always at risk should they suffer serious injury or deterioration in health.

Loss of license insurance provides financial support should your aviation career end abruptly; it provides stability while you retrain for a new career. Policies are available on an individual basis should your employer not provide it; similarly members can ‘top up’ their coverage in addition to their company’s existing group policy.

Loss of license insurance is specifically designed for pilots. As such, it negates many of the associated limitations of traditional group insurance products. For instance permanent health and critical illness insurance policies may provide limited cover and significantly reduced benefits in the instance of losing your license.

Who can we insure?

We can cover any individual commercial, fixed rotary or wing pilots including flight instructors, who hold a current license and who are gainfully employed, and actively at work.

Key benefits

  • Lump sum payment
  • Monthly temporary benefit option
  • Continuous coverage
  • Full psychological illness cover option available
  • Market leading cover for alcohol and drug related illnesses
  • No extra charge for rotor-wing pilots
  • Worldwide cover


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Association de Prévoyance du Personnel Navigant (APPN)


This non-profit organization founded in 1958 provides all medical causes insurances such as Life Insurance, Definitive Loss of Licences and Temporary Loss of licence to 9.500 worldwide pilots.

The board of directors is made up of 17 pilots (15 active pilots and 2 retired pilots) members of the Trade Unions associated with the operation of the APPN. The directors are volunteers and the administrative staff is made up 9 people.

The contracts managed by the association are covered by 3 insurance companies AXA, GENERALI and MACIF.

The contracts, scalable to the needs of the pilots, are managed by the association in the course of providing members the best quality/prices ratio for their individual guarantees.

Each year according to the figures, the association refunds the surplus from premiums paid in relation with the claims. This refund can result in 3 to 0 monthly premiums. Since 30 years the APPN always refunded to its members at least ½ monthly premium.

The ceiling of guarantees is the following :


LIFE INSURANCE: 690.000 € until 75 years of age

Maximum at the time of the subscription : 330.000 €

DEFINITIVE LOSS OF LICENCE: 600.000 E until 65 years of age

Maximum at the time of the subscription : 340.000 €



Age-limit for joining APPN’s scheme :  before the 45th birthday