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Two pilots lost their job. Your support = their safety net!

What was feared – and anticipated by many of you – has happened. Two pilots who invested significant efforts in organising and uniting the pilot community lost their jobs and income. After a thorough assessment, the ECA Board authorised the use of the #PIlotUnity fund to support your colleagues in these difficult times. Your financial contribution is fulfilling its purpose – making sure pilot leaders are empowered to fight for pilots’ rights!

The first pilot was nominated for support by the interim EERC and an ECA Member Association. The pilot lost his/her employment at the end of 2017 following some turbulent times at the airline where (s)he worked and his/her active involvement in union work. The good news is that the pilot has already secured a new flying job and the #PilotUnity fund would bridge the time until starting the new position.

The ECA Board authorised the use of the #PIlotUnity fund to support your colleagues who lost their employment

In the second case, a pilot was nominated by an ECA Member Association. Days after the pilot has taken a seat at a Company Council, (s)he was fired by the airline. The ECA Board considers there is sufficient evidence that the pilot’s role as a leader played a major role. Left suddenly without an income, this pilot will now be able to rely on the #PilotUnity fund and your generous support.

The #PilotUnity fund raised over 150.000 euro from individual and organisational contributions. This is a strong statement that pilots are united behind a common cause. Targeting and trying to silence union leaders is a strategy that will simply not work any longer. On behalf of the 2 pilots: A big thank you!

*The ECA Board would like to preserve the privacy of those two pilots and will not publicly reveal their identities. The requirements to benefit from this fund are available on the ECA website (see #PilotUnity fund campaign). Pilots are to be nominated through their union. If you think you qualify for support, contact your national ECA-affiliated pilot union/association

PilotUnity fund

We have set up this benevolent fund to provide a safety net for pilot leaders. It is available to those who find themselves out of a job in direct consequence of stepping forward as a representative to voice concerns and to assert the pilot profession’s right to Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining. Details here.