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Support for a new Standard on Cabin Air Quality

A new draft Standard on Aircraft Cabin Air Quality is currently approaching its final stages of development in the European Committee for Standardisation CEN. The draft prEN17436 “Cabin Air Quality on Civil Aircraft – Chemical Compounds” provides a world-beating reference on how to manage the issue of contaminated air on aircraft. If implemented, the standard will facilitate the supply of clean ventilation air to the passenger cabin and flight deck and will improve both the flight experience and flight safety. 

The new draft Standard includes measures to prevent exposure to engine oil and hydraulic fumes onboard aircraft during commercial flights. The potential for exposure to these fumes is well-documented. The issues of contaminated air arise principally from the design and maintenance of the bleed-air ventilation system, which supplies air to the cabin and flight deck which has first been compressed in either the engine or auxiliary power unit compressor (APU).

A wide group of stakeholders have called today upon the EU institutions to support the conclusion of the draft Standard on Aircraft Cabin Air Quality. "ECA believes that the new draft Standard not only stands above current Standards Regulation, but that it will deliver continued stakeholder consultation, innovation, solutions and benefits for all. We call on the European Commission, the European Parliament and EASA to formally recognise the value of the work carried out by a diverse range of Stakeholders in CEN, and to promote the benefits of the Standard to manufacturers, airlines, employees and passengers," says Philip von Schöppenthau, ECA Secretary General.