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New business models, new safety risks

Pilots welcome new Practical Guide by EASA to mitigate safety hazards of atypical employment & New Business Models

European pilots welcome the new Practical Guide issued by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) on 07 Aug 2017. It has the potential to help us in better equipping European aviation to manage safety hazards and their associated risks that stem from New Business Models. The practical guide is a recognition that outsourcing safety critical tasks, subcontracting/wet-leasing, crew atypical employment, and other tools to bolster profit and productivity can negatively impact safety.

Important notice:

ECA has been advised that the Practical Guide has been retracted by EASA from its website as it was published by mistake on 7 Aug, “before completion of the final internal validation steps”. Upon request by the Agency, ECA has removed the content of its press release issued on 8 Aug as well as the links to the Practical Guide.