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The University of Bern and the City University of London are currently conducting two surveys focused on the health of flight crews. 

Survey on fatigue

Pilot Health & Wellbeing Survey "Present Working Conditions of Commercial Airline Pilots and their Correlates in Health and Wellbeing", University of Bern (Switzerland)

The aim of this study is to evaluate flight- and duty-times of airline pilots during summer schedule under the current regulations in the EU (cf. EASA FTL). The research specifically focusses on the effects of Flight Time Limitations in force, actual flight and duty times and their potential correlates in pilot health and wellbeing.  

Going further than prior research this study also takes the employment situation of airline pilots into account. Your participation is voluntary and anonymous. You can terminate the survey and delete all your entered data at any time during the survey without any consequences. This study was reviewed by the Ethics Commission of the Faculty of Human Sciences of the University of Bern, Switzerland.

Survey on mental fitness

Survey on aviation Mental Health Support for European flight crews, City University of London (UK)

The European Commission is about to adopt a new regulation concerning mental fitness, mental well-being and mental health of flight crews. European airlines will have to deal with this topic on a mandatory basis in the future. However, the proposed regulation by EASA grants leeway to airlines on how to implement mental health support.

This survey has been set up to gather the opinion of flight crew members related to mental health support. The author feels that this has not been studied sufficiently in the research to date. Adjustments can only be achieved, if the needs of pilots are known. Therefore, your opinion is important to reflect the view of pilots in the study.