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Yesterday, the Labour Court of Charleroi, Belgium, condemned Ryanair for unfair dismissal of three of its employees. This Court Case will set a legal precedent and indicates that social dumping is not acceptable in Europe.

The Belgian Court declared itself competent to judge the case of three employees of Ryanair in its Belgian base (Charleroi). The decision was made on the grounds of Belgian law, despite Ryanair's claims that Irish judges were competent and Irish law should apply. The Ryanair emlpoyees had Irish contracts.

The Labour Court ruled that the essential labour regulations of Belgium apply as the airline's workers started and finished their daily duties in Charleroi, not in Ireland. The basic principles of labour law of the emlpoyees' work base should therefor apply.

ECA is in favour of a European aviation market that provides fair opportunities and benefits for the aviation industry and its employees. "Social dumping to the detriment of employees and their legitimate rights is not acceptable. The ruling is an important step in the right direction," stresses Philip von Schöppenthau, Secretary General of ECA.

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