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The EU is currently looking to extend EASA's competences through the revision of the Basic Regulation 1592/2002 establishing EASA.

Although the JAA currently has the competence for operations and licensing rule-making, it does not have the powers of enforcement. The EU Commission is therefore proposing the extension of EASA's mandate to accommodate these two new fields in 2007, whilst also taking the opportunity to revise some other functions within the agency.

The process started already in 2004 with the notice for proposed amendments 02/04 to which ECA submitted detailed comments. A subsequent EASA Opinion was published in December 2004, forming the basis of the Commission proposal that is now on the table.

The text outlines a programme to provide rule-making and certification competences to EASA in the field of operations, licensing and third country aircraft. It also seeks agreement for the mandatory adoption and uniform application of JAR OPS, JAR FCL and JAR STD throughout the EU.

ECA is currently studying the proposal and preparing a strategy to reinforce efforts to ensure that the JAA seamlessly hands over its competence on operations and licensing to EASA in 2007. EASA has to become the one-stop solution for aviation safety as soon as possible.