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Jon Horne, President

Captain Airbus 320 series for a major UK airline

  • Representing ECA vis-à-vis the Member Associations, European Institutions and other relevant International Organisations
  • Together with the Vice-President, managing ECA as a whole
  • ECA External Relations


Otjan de Bruijn, Vice-President

Captain, flying Boeing 777 for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

  • Oversight of the political aspects of ECA technical work
  • Together with the President, managing ECA as a whole
  • Liaising between ECA and IFALPA
  • Representing ECA in the EU Social Dialogue
  • ECA Security Working Group (SEC WG)
  • RPAS


Karine Gély, Professional Affairs Director

Captain A320, Air France

  • External Relations
  • Industrial Working Group
  • Flight Time Limitations
Tanja Harter, Technical Affairs Director

Captain A320 Lufthansa

  • In charge of Flight Crew Licensing and Operations
  • EASA incl. ESSI, OPS and Licensing, EASA Stakeholder Advisory Board
  • EASA pilot project
  • UAV
  • Flight Data WG (incl. Just Culture and related activities of Social Dialogue, etc.)
  • ECAST, EHEST and subgroups
  • IFALPA-Committees: AAP, ADO, HUPER (in conjunction with EBDs IND)
  • ECA Training, Licensing and Operations Working Group (TLO WG)
Arik Zipser, Technical Affairs Director


  • ECA Air Traffic Management & Aerodromes (ATMA WG)
  • ECA Helicopter Working Group (HEL WG)
  • IFALPA Committees: ATS, AGE, RPAS & HEL
  • SESAR activities
  • EU Commission (DGMOVE) Industry Consultation Body (ICB) & Expert Group on Human Dimension (EGHD)
  • EUROCONTROL (incl. Provisional Council, Agency Advisory Board)
  • EASA Stakeholder Advisory Board (Alternate)
Alessandro De Blasio, Professional Affairs Director

B737 Line Training Captain for Norwegian

  • ECA Industrial Working Group (IND WG)
  • ECA Trans-National Airlines Working Group (TNA WG)
  • ECA Legal group


Clemens Kopetz, Admin & Finance Director

Senior First Officer, flying Airbus A330 for Swiss International Air Lines

  • ECA Financial Working Group
  • Oversees ECA’s financial & administrative management
Philip von Schöppenthau, Secretary General
  • Daily management of ECA & strategic advice to Executive Board
  • ECA Flight Time Limitations Working Group (FTL WG)
Anna Hagmajer, Office Manager
  • Office organisation & general administrative management
  • Point of contact for ECA MAs and external interlocutors
  • Accounting & Financial issues
  • Management of all practicalities related to staff
  • Organisation of ECA conferences
Kameliya Encheva, Communications Officer
  • Digital advocacy, campaigns & events
  • Web & Social Media management
  • Press Relations & Media inquiries
  • Publications 
Loïc Michel, Technical Policy Advisor
  • ECA Flight Data Working Group (FD WG) – responsible for Occurrence Reporting & Accident and Incident Investigations
  • ECA Air Traffic Management & Airports Working Group (ATMA WG)
  • IFALPA Committees: AAP, ATS & AGE (focal point and technical issues)
  • SESAR Joint Undertaking incl. Administrative Board
  • EUROCONTROL incl. Provisional Council, Agency Advisory Board
  • EASA European Operators FDM Forum, ATM & Airports issues
  • European Commission/Council /Parliament
Paulina Marcickiewicz, Technical Policy Advisor
  • ECA Training, Licensing and Operations Working Group (TLO WG) – responsible for flight operations’ issues
  • ECA Helicopters Working group
  • ECA RPAS Working Group
  • ECA Cabin Air Quality Task Force
  • EASA, incl EAB, ESSI, SSCC, general strategy
  • EASA: training & licensing issues
  • ECAST, and subgroups
  • IFALPA Committees: ADO, HUPER, HELI (focal point and technical issues)
Sarah Kamer, Industrial Policy Advisor
  • ECA Industrial Working Group (IND WG)
  • Trans-National Airlines
  • IFALPA Committees: IND
  • Membership relations
Rosella Marasco, Policy Advisor
  • ECA Industrial Working Group (IND WG)
  • ECA External Relations
  • IFALPA Committees: PGA
Kristína Gírethová, Policy Advisor
  • ECA Security Working Group (SEC WG)
  • Security, incl. SAGAS, ECAC, etc.
  • IFALPA Committees: SEC
  • ECA Flight Time Limitations Working Group (FTL WG)
Aurelija Gackaitė, Admin Assistant
  • Administrative and organisational support to Office Manager, policy advisors, Working Groups
  • Point of contact and support to ECA members
  • Organisational aspects of EB and WG meetings, incl. taking minutes
  • Management of ECA Databases
  • ECA website
  • IT support