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Mandatory training for drone pilots and registration of every drone pilot – this is what commercial drone operators want. In a survey carried out by the UK drone retailer Heliguy, a large majority of the respondents (69%) consider that training must be compulsory as it “increases awareness and helps new operators to understand not only flying techniques but also the other important factors such as safety, weather patterns, navigation and much more”. Equally, 77% believe that drone pilots must be registered in order to counter the emerging trend of incidents involving unregistered operators. Moreover, almost 8 out of 10 are positive about having meaningful European drone regulations.

Asked if they could change one thing about the drone regulation, the top 5 most common responses are:

› Registration of drones at the point of purchase
› Mandatory training to ensure safety
› Better, more consistent enforcement of existing rules
› Clearer wording for guidelines, removing all ambiguity
› More leeway (e.g. proximity / night flying) for qualified pilots

Sounds familiar? 

16 aviation stakeholders – including Europe’s pilots – have recommended the pretty much the same in their Joint call for safe RPAS integration. Check out our ‘7 steps for safe RPAS integration video’.